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Digital impact == ROI from digital efforts

Our primary focus was ROI-driven business process management and digital automation development - until AI hit us. With AI such as GPT turning out to be useful, we expanded our focus to helping companies improve and innovate using digital efficiency to free the resources needed to invest in continued innovation. We achieve this with a mix of in-house development and consultancy in the ways of the digital impact.

Our digital impact == tech*consulting

Business process management

We start by identifying your company's digital goals or pain points, and then we apply task and process mining to pinpoint which areas to focus on. The result is a strategic roadmap to ROI, in which your decision makers can see if the business cases are worth investing in.

Automation development

We use and recommend the best robotic process automation software (RPA), specifically UiPath for its market leading RPA software and all-encompassing business and analytics platform, as well as the open source and Python-based Robocorp for closer integration between systems, automations, and processes.

Concept development and prototyping

We leverage Tech and Business Process Management with Design Thinking to effectively identify needs and sketch out the blueprint of the prototype while focusing on pinpointing technical pain points. For instance, we used an Excel sheet to conceptualize the most advanced system we have developed, since we knew that the rest was smooth sailing when the decisions were quantified.

Customized training, workshops, and seminars

It is the employees that are the key to continued innovation. This is why we are so obsessed with digital impact, therein a better understanding for technology, innovation, and the new age of working efficiently. With subjects ranging from AI and how it affects work, to topics like blockchain, innovation management, and lots more. Our focus is on how to leverage the technologies, rather than the intricate details of how they work.

The technological paradigm defines humanity's reach. Our mission is to help extend humanity's reach by increasing its digital impact, one innovation at a time.

Businesses with technological debt should be afraid

It is not the legacy technology that puts your businesses at risk, but rather the company's mindset towards technology - and the amount of legacy tech is a symptom of that. We do not have a problem with legacy tech itself, our issue arises when the company's culture that let it fester is a hindrance for improved efficiency and innovation.

The answer is obvious, but it is easier said than done

As we embark on a new era of technological advancements, it is crucial for businesses to adapt and learn. We help you foster an organization that embraces change, is in tune with the technological advancements, and remains resilient in the face of change.

We focus on your business objectives

We tailor our services to your company's industry, business model, and needs through close collaboration aimed to ensure a lasting impact. In addition to creating ROI-focused tech, we also believe in sharing our knowledge and insights with you with the goal of contributing to your company's long-term prosperity.

Founded by the Automations Developer Magnus Sørdahl, ingeniis purpose is to make the biggest digital impact it can - either with in-house tech development or consulting.

At present, our team is a one-man shop supported by an extensive network of experts in the Scandinavian digital efficiency domain. Magnus built this network while making waves as an Automations Developer, and working closely with suppliers of digital automation technologies like UiPath and leading tech houses like TietoEvry. Endorsed by former clients, employers, and technology partners, ingenii is here to assist with your company's digital impact.

Contact us at for pricing, availability, or sparring. We are based in Norway, but our perspective is borderless - be it on-site or remote.